Sunday, July 31, 2011


We were out and about today taking photos with my film camera and it sort of turned into an outfit post. I apologize because this isn't a very exciting outfit however I really wanted to post it because I love how cool the skirt looks in these photos!

Skirt is from Glassons and Top is thrifted. Film camera was a gift from my best friend 4 years ago and I love love love it.



At my beach house for the weekend

Green Thai Curry for dinner- made by my sweetheart

On top of the world- Opoutere beach

Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony


Shoes shoes shoes

Clothes clothes clothes

Forever ago (summer- you can tell by the color of my legs compared to the state they're in now)

Blair on the beach.

These are just a few photos from the last few months... enjoy!



I'm on holiday at the moment and I've been down at my beach house for the last few days. Despite it being the absolute middle of winter, I was blessed with two rare sunny days while I was down there which made for some beautiful photos on the beach.

Top was thrifted from an op shop near my house and I love love love it. Shorts are old Lee jean cut offs and floppy hat is from Glassons.


Monday, July 25, 2011


These are a few of my recent buys. Despite the fact that I am virtually broke and trying to pay of what feels like thousands of things, I still catch myself going shopping and buying things that I shouldn't. I have the worst self control everrrr. However, who could resist all of these pretty things... not me! So now they have a home in my wardrobe.

Jenny Beau Coops- from Black Box in Takapuna (The Department Store)

Duffle Coat- Topshop

Blue pleated chiffon skirt- Glassons


Sorry sorry sorry

This is a very big, very late apology for being so neglectful and hopeless at updating my blog. This is also a promise to make time for my blog as often as possible and start updating again! Wehoo!

See you soon my lovelies ;)