Monday, March 21, 2011


The weather was horrible today all day, winter is definitely coming on fast. This is good because it means hot chocolates and lots of movies and being creative with layering my outfits but it's also bad because it means it gets dark earlier and being soaked the minute you step outside.
Anyway, here are some photos I thought I'd post of the little things in my life at the moment.

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My Peacock necklace that makes every outfit seem wonderful.

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The Autumn flowers on my deck that are now making my room look and smell pretty.

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The outfit I am waiting to wear out somewhere!

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My vintage dress that I never wear but can't bring myself to get rid of because it is made from the most beautiful fabric.

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My new pointe shoes.

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My Chloe Sevignys that are just dying to go for a walk!



Keyla M. Rosas R. said...

oh i'm in love with those shoes since the first time i saw them at polyvore!!!

Would you like to follow each other?? = )

kisses from La Mode en Rose = )

Pigeons By Post said...

Follow for follow :)

the real mia said...

totally adorable outfit. love the dress, the shoes, the necklace... EVERYTHING!

Lydz xX said...

love the shoes and that beautiful necklace :). cute blog
Lydz xX

Anonymous said...

your blog is so great!